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Choose medical compression stockings as the following steps:

1. Choose suitable compression levels according to leg syndromes.

10-15mmHg is designed for the prevention of varicose veins, blood clot, pregnant women and swollen lower legs.

15-20mmHg is designed for people lacking of vitality, having obvious varicose veins and full of discomfort as ached, spasm, pigmentation, and pain. People who have severe pregnant varicose vein and surgical operation on vein are suitable to wear this compression level.

20-30mmHg is designed for patients who have irreversible limb lymph edema, darken and harden skins, highly swollen lower limbs.

2. Choose the height of the compression wear according to the position of pathological changes.

There are three types of stockings: knee-high socks, thigh-high socks and pantyhose. If you had varicose veins merely below the knees, the knee-high socks are perfect for you. If the pathological changes occurred above the knee, you will need thigh-high socks or pantyhose.

3. Measure the suitable size of medical compression socks.

Measure the three main length (cm) of ankles, largest girth of shins and thighs with a measuring tape.

*The size charts vary with different TXG compression stockings series basing on different material and tricot.

TXG Sports size chart


TXG Gentlemen size chart


TXG Comfort size chart